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With Primecare Family Dental's Yearly Dental Health Plan, put an end to all of your dental worries.

Primecare Family Dental's Health Plan, one of the most comprehensive annual dental membership plans, focuses on your oral health in its entirety, from necessary preventative care to care intervention for an entire year.

  • One of the best ways we can assist you in taking care of your teeth is through a dental membership plan. Indeed, it's the best path to a healthy smile, in our opinion as dentists.
  • For our members, we set out priority times in our schedules, so you won't have to wait around for appointments for too long.
  • Preventive dentistry is promoted by dental membership plans. Regular inspections enable us to identify any issues you may have earlier. They can therefore be fixed more easily and for less money.

Our dental plan is ideal for you if you don't frequently need treatment because it is a preventive plan. You are spending less than it would cost you to schedule two private dental checkups and two private hygienist appointments per year on a pay-as-you-go basis. With our plan, you won't have to pay for any potential future medical care. Only when you actually need therapy do you pay for it.

Call our staff at 317-426-1562 if you have any questions regarding the Primecare Family Dental Care Dental Membership Plan.